Computer Support You Can Count On!
Serving Medical Practices in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City and the surrounding area.

ATTENTION Southern California DOCTORS!

Are you a medical practice who is tired of IT support companies in Southern California that just don't get the job done?

  • Is your computer guy late all the time?
  • Doesn't return your phone calls?
  • Does he speak "tech" to you and your staff, then act like you should understand what he just said?
  • Does he fix the problem right the first time or just keep billing you to address the same issue over and over?

At Amicus Technology, we hear stories about bad IT support companies in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West LA, and Culver City area everyday! And we know this isn't how it should be. That's why we've started a bit of a revolution here in Southern California and we're helping doctors just like you get the IT support and service they really deserve!

So how do you know that we're any different than your current computer guy? We don't expect you to take our word for it... That's why we offer our new practices 2 FREE hours of computer support!

That's right, 2 FREE hours. How can you use your 2 FREE hours? Any way you like! Here are some great ways to start:

  • Call us to resolve a persistent problem you've been having with your computers or your network. We'll resolve the problem once and for all!
  • We can run security checks on your server and ensure your network is protected against hackers, worms, viruses, Trojans and even staff sabotage.
  • We can scan and remove spyware from your workstations that is draining your bandwidth, slowing down your computers and stealing sensitive information about your company and your staff.
  • We can check your back-up systems and evaluate your disaster recovery plan to ensure critical information is actually being backed up and stored safely.
  • We can perform an analysis of your network to improve overall performance.
  • Or call us to discuss a project or upgrade you've thought about for awhile. We'll even give you a 2nd opinion on a quote you received from another provider.

In short, it doesn't matter why you call us, as long as you do! We'll give you 2 FREE hours of support to show you why we're better than the competition in Southern California. Call (310)670-4962 now to see for yourself!