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Raving Fans

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This letter is to serve as strong professional recommendation of the talents and capabilities of Brian Jones of Amicus Tech.

Last year, my company went through a tumultuous and painful period of service contract non-renewals, coupled with unprecedented growth – all in a new location. The extrication process of the outsourced services to in-house from the provider was daunting to say the least.

Most critical of these services was our IT needs. This is where Brian saved the day.

I had NO CLUE what all was involved with a migration of this magnitude. Brian was there for me, every step of the way, keeping panic at bay, managing vendors, and at one point – putting one of his employees on a plane with a hard drive of all our files to physically deliver to the new vendor. I certainly didn't have anyone on hand to do that. And I can't imagine a better example of going above and beyond.

Furthermore, in the year plus that I have come to know Brian, I could not tell you one instance of seeing him stressed, unprepared or without at least two solutions for every problem.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Brian Jones and his company to you. He is a true professional, as well as a person of great dignity, conviction and compassion.

Mindy D. Perrin
Director, HR/Admin, Ovation Television

Brian Jones and Amicus Technologies has been our IT provider since we established connectivity and an Intranet at Santa Monica Bay Physicians Health Services, Inc. ("SMBPHSI"). SMBPHSI encompassed multiple locations - 12 sites with approximately 250 users. We utilized an electronic medical record and multiple software applications that required networking and redundancy as well as encrypted security due to the sensitive nature of the health of the information being managed.

Brian developed the network, acquired, installed, and maintained the hardware. He made recommendations and assisted with the successful installation of the multiple T1 lines that we use to interconnect offices, and provided server maintenance. As software was deployed, Brian made sure he understood the uses of the software and the workflows associated with it, as necessary, to continue to ensure that the software was deployed efficiently and in a manner, that limited any downtime. As software upgrades were required, Brian was instrumental in the successful deployment of the software upgrades in a manner that had limited negative impact to the end users. He is always extremely responsive to support issues, deployed his team promptly to evaluate the problems and finding solutions that efficiently kept the systems running. Due to the nature of our business, all work was done electronically, so maintenance of the network was critical to both patient care and business operations.

As we developed our systems, Brian sought out and offered software solutions to monitor the efficiencies of the network, assure back-up and redundancy to be sure that the information was protected, and developed plans to be deployed in the event of a failure. As hardware or software upgrades were required, Brian presented executive management with alternative solutions and was able to explain the pros and cons of each with an understanding of the underlying cost considerations.

In December 2012, our entity was sold. Brian and his team has continued to provide support through the IT department of the new entity and continues to be responsive to the requests for support which he receives

I highly recommend Brian Jones to you. You will find a dedicated, trustworthy, highly motivated individual who will take whatever steps are necessary to be sure that the hardware, software, connectivity, and security of the IT systems are efficient and secure.

Bernard J. Katz, M.D., M.B.A.
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Santa Monica Bay Physicians Health Services, Inc.