Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed IT Services - Computer Support You Can Count On!

ATTENTION Doctors in Southern California!

If you own a medical practice in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City or the surrounding area, we understand how much you depend on your computer network and how vital it is that it meets your clients' needs. There is no time for any downtime - you just need your systems to work!

We also understand that you probably don't have a full-time IT department making sure your systems are up and running. You rely on computer support companies in the Southern California area. Companies like us.

The problem you have no doubt faced is that you do not have the same goal as the IT support company. You want your systems up and running 24/7 while many computer support companies make money by the number of billable hours they can rack up.

Imagine there was a better way! What if you could work with a computer support company who was on the same page? One that wanted your systems to be up and running 24/7 just like you do. A support company that made money when you reach YOUR goals, not theirs! At Amicus Technology, we do just that! Yes, we do fix computers, but our overall philosophy about computer support is the opposite of most other IT companies.

We call it Managed Services, and this is how it works:
We help our clients PREVENT problems BEFORE they happen by monitoring their systems 24/7. When something breaks, we fix it right away. In fact, we fix a lot of problems that customers might not even be aware exist and we do this in the background, so you and your employees never have to stop working!

We also keep up with server and computer maintenance, install operating system patches, update anti-virus and spam-filtering software and monitor your hard drives, server and your whole network. But here's the best part -- We do all this for a pre-set, budgeted monthly charge.

That's right, all your computer needs taken care of with ONE MONTHLY FEE. Ultimately, we are both working towards the same goal. The more we PREVENT problems, the better off your network is and the more we benefit.

Our customers love the fact that they can budget their computer support expenses for an entire year without unwelcome surprises! But what they love even more is getting rid of the uncertainty, the frustration and the lost productivity that results when things crash, break and don't work!

If you think managed services might be the right approach for your practice, contact us today for more information.

If you are interested, we'll even give you 2 FREE hours of technical support to resolve a current problem, check your backup systems or audit your network security.

It’s as easy as calling (310) 670 4962 to schedule your 2 FREE hours with our support staff. We know you'll be glad you did!